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About Jeremy Esteb

Jeremy Esteb is a singer/songwriter from Kansas City influenced by great songwriters such as James Taylor, Bobby Pinson, Phil Vassar and Lionel Richie. Growing up listening to old Country music, Pop/Rock and "crooners" he has developed a style completely his own. As a songwriter he writes what is true to him and hopes others can find meaning in it as well.

Born in Missouri, Jeremy was the youngest of four children and the only boy. Coming from a broken home, he moved around a lot as a child. He credits this tumultuous time in his life with providing him with a much needed emotional and spiritual strength as well as enough artistic inspiration to last him a lifetime.

Jeremy Esteb first picked up the guitar at age 10, then at age 18, he was inspired to write his first song. When he was 20 he began performing with a house band in KC which led him where he is today.

Jeremy Esteb recorded his first demo in 2005, a 5 song CD which he sold at live shows and he later went on to record his first full length at 53rd Street studio in Fairway, Kansas. The self titled 11-song album runs the gamut from rowdy to introspective to happy/sad and everything in between.

Selling over 1000 albums independently, Jeremy Esteb is a talented artist with a voice that sounds like no one else. Playing hundreds of shows in nearly every setting from big stages to bars, Jeremy Esteb is a seasoned performer as well as a gifted singer/songwriter. His music is available at iTunes, Napster, Last.fm and MySpace.